Subliminal Existance

BBC World Advert

Can you see it? Amazing subliminal images within these BBC World adverts! Subtle but very well done I think. More here.

Whilst you’re about it take a look at this great article on the essence of virtual identities, ala Ghost in the Shell. I’m fascinated by the whole man-machine interface which is becoming ever more prevalent in our lives with the internet almost acting as external memory to our own. In many ways it’s an exciting time to be living in but where this is all heading is still unclear…

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    Hi there it is very concerning to think that subbliminal messaging, goes on at all so that means know ones safe from anyone who wants to put things into peoples minds and make them beleave things thay would not normaly want to beleave the scope is endless for any one to deceave people to beleave any thing the ADDVERTISERS want people to beleave as I said know ones safe that means.its like the hidden meaning on some washing soap boxes a friend pointed showed me in 92 and about the bar codes on every thing we buy that the long bars on the bar code mean 6 each so that means what I will let you work it out ok


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