I only have one word to describe the opening ceremony to the Beijing 2008 OlympicsSpectacular!

China certainly knows how to put on show and with Zhang Yimou at the helm you wouldn’t really expect anything less. London now has a lot to live up to but I can already guarantee you it’ll be tame in comparison to this.

I’ll let the photos do the talking… can’t wait to download this in HD!

All photos © Getty Images – larger versions can be found at The Big Picture


  1. David says:

    Yeah, me too very much! I remember wanding around the Olympic site when it was still under construction. Really really wish I was back there. Here's hoping Shenzhen is as interesting!!

  2. Murphy says:

    hoho I was very proud of it
    I like the pigeons flying ceremony
    It's very creative & humanization:-)

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