South Korea

In case anyone’s wondering where I am, I’m currently in Seoul, South Korea for a short holiday before heading back to London next week.

The journey here on Friday afternoon from Beijing, unfortunately, turned into a big nightmare – the plane was delayed two hours (whilst sitting in it on the tarmac), upon landing discovered my phone doesn’t work in Korea (their telecoms networks are way ahead of ours!), I got off at the wrong bus stop so missed my friend (who had already been waiting for hours) and then to top it off I lost my credit card in a moment of being completely stressed out with the situation.

Did I mention I only speak one word of Korean? It was not a fun evening but eventually managed to get to the hotel, meet my friend and cancel my lost card but I’m hoping that’s the last of my troubles for this journey! To be continued… 🙂

Update (2/5): After another tortuous journey lasting around 24 hours I’m back in the UK. I’ll give a fuller update once the jet lag has worn off, sufficed to say Korea was great!

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  1. Thanks Maria, all I can say in korean is “Hello” – “Annyeong-haseyo” which isn't a whole lot of good! I'll be back in London on Tuesday around 7pm!

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    Awww! Poor David! Hope you're feeling a lot better now. Since you lost your card do you still have money you can use? Sorry that your journey's coming to an end 🙁 but yay that you'll be back here with us all again 🙂 What time will you be getting back on Friday?

    P.S. What word of Korean can you speak?

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    Tuesday??? 😐 but that's today!

    *hugs* have a lovely journey back. You've been missed lots over in good old Blighty.

  4. Hey David, just wanted to say hi and that I am back in Pakistan. Had fun working with you guys, and I sincerely hope your trip to South Korea is as fun as your China trip. Also we guys are still waiting for those T-shirts :).

  5. You guys and your T-shirts! All in good time! Must be quiet in China now 😉

  6. Thanks LJ 😛 Hope you enjoy the rest of the May holiday in China!! Don't worry, more beautiful scenes will be on the way soon 🙂

  7. |O| ever thought it must be a wonderful and perfect trip…
    anyway, except that no doubt u have many nice memories, waiting for ur photoes! what surprised me is at last the first sight of ur website is the nation flag of south korea instead of beautiful scence – -!!!
    PS:ur pronunciation by 'Annyeong-haseyo' is excellent~~


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