Snakes on a Plane

You’ve got to admire Samuel L Jackson – one minute he’s dealing with a bunch of rampant Snakes on a Plane, the next he’s voicing God in a new audio book of the Bible!! Yes, you heard me right; he was “deemed to be the perfect person to play God” with his deep voice apparently. The man is a legend!

Snakes on a Plane safety guide

In a heated arguement, if one cannot sufficiently defend themself, stating “snakes on a plane” automatically wins the arguement no matter what the circumstances.

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  1. Maria avatar

    Hehehehehe! *giggles* Awesome!! ^_^

    I wanna see it! I wanna see it! *bounces happily*

    …and how fitting that God's enemy once came in the form of a snake ^_^ maybe the two projects could be combined!


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