Shanghai Moments

Wrapping up my recent visit to Shanghai below is a collection of random photos I took while out and about. Despite having visited the city many times in the past few years I still don’t feel I have a good grasp of its geography. Perhaps this has something to do with the rate everything is changing or the hurriedness of each trip…

Construction Site Graffiti

Save for phone numbers scrawled all over the place, graffiti isn’t something you see much of usually in China.

High Contrast Bug

However, in Shanghai it seems to be a growing trend – just don’t expect any of it to be politically motivated.

Raining in Shanghai

Torrential rain is no match for Shanghai’s cyclists although given Shanghai’s drivers I wouldn’t be so sure…

Shanghai Firing Range

If you ever fancy letting off steam in Shanghai then ‘Shanghai Modern Military Sports Club‘ (现代军体俱乐部) is the place to go. Within a minute of walking through the door, you’ll have a gun in your hand ready to fire at will.

Bullseye (almost)

It turns out I’m not a bad shot (even with my impaired vision!) but it wasn’t exactly long-range either.


The Chinese have an uncanny ability to pile ridiculously huge loads onto the smallest of vehicles.


The sight of these bright green watermelons piled high against a grey wall drew me to them almost hypnotically.

Awfully Chocolate

Awfully Chocolate – possibly the best Chocolate you’ll find east of Switzerland. Pure cake, pure ice cream, nothing complicated. Enough said.

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