At exactly 2:34am just now I was woken from my ever light state of sleep to hear 3 or 4 local “youths”, hear after to be know as “yobs”/”scum” walking down the street smashing up peoples cars and tipping the contents of their recycling bins into them. Armed with my digital camera I quickly leaped to try and get a shot of them as they passed less than a meter from my lower floor window. Unfortunately given the light conditions and the fact that I disabled the flash none of the shots caught anything other than a very black haze! Having such a high social conscience (lol) I soon got onto the police who incredibly, considering how low-priority the situation was, were there in about 5 minutes. Unfortunately all they could do by then was help clear up the mess. I’m blogging this now mainly so I can remember it in the morning as well as that fact that I can’t get back to sleep!

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