Red Ted in Shanghai

The past weekend was hectic, to say the least – I covered well over 500 miles in the car and am now crashed out at home with my brain on autopilot – no thinking required!

The good news is that Red Ted has returned triumphant from his diplomatic trip to Shanghai, China intact. Below are some photos which were wired to me earlier today showing him out and about:

RT China
Yong Jiang Bridge

RT China
Pudong International Airport

His adventures abroad always make me rather jealous as he is far better travelled than I am. Recently he has been to France, Italy, Japan & China to name but a few countries as well as all over the UK. Many believe Red Ted to be a myth or the figment of a collective over-active imagination but those who know him always speak of the awe and wonder experienced in his presence – no wonder he is on the most wanted list of over a dozen governments and has a list of deadly enemies to rival Kim Jong-IL, the dictatorial leader of North Korea. Where his travels will take him next no one knows but inside sources have reported plans for a summer European tour which may take place in August…

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2 responses

  1. he certainly gets out a lot… how many air miles does he have?

  2. hehe, his methods of travel aren't quite so conventional or legitimate!


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