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Apparently, if you thought the debacle over the designs for the new World Trade Center was over you’d be wrong. Donald Trump, a notorious American real-estate executive, has been openly critical of the Libeskind ‘Freedom Tower’ design (photo left) and has put forward his own design (right) which is basically an exact copy of the original but one story taller, dubbed the ‘Twin Towers II‘. Seems like good intentions have become wrapped up in politics and money which I guess was inevitable. Everyone involved was bound to have differing opinions of what a fitting memorial/replacement was but isn’t it about time, 4 years later, that they get on with it and actually built something instead of leaving the site as an open tomb?

For more (better) commentary see [A Daily Dose of Architecture].

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  1. Anthony avatar

    I think libeskind’s design is a nice design…if if were to be built elsewhere. New York City and the united states of America deserve something better. It should be symbolic and ICONIC. I guess it is too late now to complain. I don’t know if I can be proud as an American of this design. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  2. markus avatar

    far better than the old ones!

  3. Gerard Fitzpatrick, Jr. avatar
    Gerard Fitzpatrick, Jr.

    I’m in agreement with Donald Trump when it comes to the Freedom Design. The design has no meaning. The Twin Towers are forever in my mind of what needs to be replaced in the same exact spot. If we are going to demonstrate to terrorist the strength of our country, rebuilding the Twin Towers is our way of showing the world that our buildings can be knocked down, but we have the strength, the money, the power and the steel to rebuild them back the way they were. This goes for any building that becomes a target. If it was the Empire State building, rebuild it! If it was the Sears Tower, rebuild it! Wouldn’t this make sense to all those whose loved ones had parished in the attacks feel better to know that the Twin Towers II will be a symbol of strength of our country as one. Their ashes remain on the site and we can once and for all put this idea of whose design for a memorial looks the best! This has to be heartbreaking for those families who are lost in all this political debate. I think the Twin Towers II is the best thing we can do to heal our wounds. The figure of two objects will forever always be in my memory in that location. I have never been to New York, but saw the original towers from a distance while traveling to Connecticut Easter 2001. That was the first and last time I would ever get to see the Twin Towers with my own eyes. It was sad for me to know that at that time frozen in my memory, people who died on 9/11 were working and carrying on with their daily duties that Easter 2001 week day in the Towers. The Towers are like our parents. We see them together looking down at us as we remember our parents looking at us during our childhood. Now with this Freedom Tower design, it’s the same feeling you get when your parents have passed on and we are being taken care of by some foster parent who is unrecognizable to us. Bring Back The Twin Towers!!! Please!!!

    1. Ben Melendez avatar
      Ben Melendez

      GFJ, I am with you and DT, that is exactly what we as a Nation need to do, is rebuild the towers, I love the same but better designed DT came up with.

      1. Gerard Fitzpatrick, Jr. avatar
        Gerard Fitzpatrick, Jr.

        They rebuilt and fixed the damage to the Pentagon left by the terrorist that crashed and airliner into it! The government didn’t leave a gap and replace it with a steal glass structure in memory of all those who perished in that event. The Pentagon was right on track when they didn’t hesitate to rebuild it to exactly the way it was prior to the terrorist attack. They showed strength, money, power of course with our money to demonstrate that terrorist can knock down the Pentagon and we can rebuild it. I still pray that something will be done to bring back the Towers again. It will be difficult to visit that area if I ever get a chance to visit New York City. I never liked going to grave sites and that is what it will feel like. I think a new and improved World Trade Center would make a better attraction for those who want to be reminded of the events of 9/11 and at the same time be reminded that This Is America!!! We can overcome terrorism by showing them that we can rebuild what they destroy by showing that we are the Land of Brave and Nothing Will Ever Keep Us Down! God Bless The Twin Towers!!

  4. Necolee avatar

    I don’t think it’s a very good idea to rebuild the WTC, in these times with earth quakes all these different kind of people . America can’t act like we’re the only smart ones other people like terroist know what they’re doing and most likely try to get it done . But the design is very nice R.I.P. People who died in 9|11


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