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Here’s the first batch of photos from my holiday. These are the more ‘touristy‘ type ones – I’ll be posting the more ‘arty‘ ones on my photoblog, so be sure to take a look at these also!

Eiffel Tower
Sacre Coeur
Hotel Des Invalides

Notes on Paris: I’ve been up the Eiffel Tower during the daytime but at night it’s even better, go right to the top and enjoy the spectacular views! Owing to a French idiosyncrasy the Louvre is closed on Tuesdays so plan accordingly. Walking around Paris is undoubtedly the best way to see it but when you want to get somewhere far-away fast use the Metro. For a taste of real French food which won’t break the bank and a trip back in time don’t miss Restaurant Chartier (this is if you can find it!).


Originally from the UK, David is designer and wanderer currently based in Kamakura. Prior to this, he lived in China and longs to explore more of this vast and varied land. He started Randomwire in 2003 to chronicle his travels and occasional musings. Feel free to drop him a line.

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