We watched a fairly depressing live-action film at Anime society last night called Hana-bi (meaning ‘fireworks’), written, directed and acted in by the omni-skilled Takeshi Kitano. I won’t bore you with the details right now but sufficed to say it didn’t have the happiest of endings, but still, a brilliant film.

A little later on a few of us reconvened to practice the ancient art of origami (paper folding) and I got a few pics:

Coloured origami paper from Muji

Helping hands

Solitary crane

Of course, we couldn’t quite rival the proper Japanese origami masters who can make models like this in their sleep:

Origami Master

…now there’s skill.

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  1. pikaboo avatar

    how to fold a ” dragon “

  2. Hmm, the dragon was made by a pro – no idea how he did it!!

  3. Very patient!!

  4. Guilherme avatar

    These guys who make origamis must be very patients, i suppose…

  5. Willow avatar

    That some complacated dragon, i made an ameture one n it luks more like a think chicken :S
    who eva did tht man i wish i was u

  6. Cedric avatar

    Wow!!! Do you know or rather, do someone know where could I get the diagram for that dragon? I love its appearance!!!

  7. Dave avatar

    dude that was awesome, could i get the instructions on that thing? XD

  8. Aaron avatar

    That man has incredible skill. It must have taken years of paperfolding to be skilled enough to make something like this.

  9. kai kikuchi avatar
    kai kikuchi

    Iam japanise and i love to fold origami

  10. rjsdc avatar

    dont you know him?? he's only JOSEPH WU!! the great origami artist..

  11. WOW thats soo cool!!! i mean i cant even fold a simple crain!

  12. The expert is Joseph Wu – you can find his website here – http://www.origami.as/

  13. buzb74 avatar

    Hi, could you tell me who the origsmi expert is who made the dragon, or could you tell me where I can find more pictures of this identical dragon.


  14. Sweet… i don’t think there would be any instuctions for that because those diagrams were hard to come up with and i doubt that they would want to share the knowledge with you. but there is this one website that can show you…sorry it’s in pdf form…just google ‘dragon in flight’ and it’ll pop up. they have a youtube video for that too.

  15. Aliya avatar

    hey can you please teach me how to make the dradon. i love origami and love to learn more. someday i would LOVE to be an origami pro but i am far from that. please teach me i am a quick learner. Aliya

  16. tomek avatar

    da? bys mi troche wzorów na sk?adanie np tego smoka lub cos innego?

  17. lisa avatar

    can someone teach me? i need to know how to fold an origami heart with two birds sitting on top looking at each other. Can anyone help me?

  18. lisa avatar

    oh using a dollar bill

  19. MashitaCroxsx avatar

    The dragon, it’s modular. He probably used 30+ pieces of paper for that thing. Japanese people just fold randomly and then put it together. There is no diagram. Unless someone makes one.

  20. cool dragoon.must be a pro

  21. shawn edgar avatar
    shawn edgar

    pretty good

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