Nishitokyo Bound

Well, it’s official folks – Red Ted has just got his sniff-visa and will be heading off to Japan on Wednesday (17th)! In a surprise return to public life, RT will travel to Nishitokyo-shi prefecture in Tokyo for a conference on international sniff-relations. His ‘dead before you know it’ technique has been known to work wonders at past similar events!

He will travel alone without the aid of his handler and is said to be apprehensive about making the 13-hour plane trip – many sniffs have gone missing on such daring missions as the sniff transport system is not very reliable! During his short stay, he will be staying with Yukari-san who has kindly agreed to show him the local sites (photos should be available assuming he makes it there and back in one piece!).

If you have any messages that you would like passed on to him please send them BEFORE Wednesday otherwise it will be too late. I’m sure everyone wishes him the best of luck on his epic voyage to the orient. If you are interested in the history of the ‘Sniff Dynasty’ take a look at this site here.

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