Mount Fuji Drive-by

Last month my parents finally managed to visit us in Japan, having been prevented for the past few years by covid restrictions. We decided to take a short road trip to Lake Yamanaka, the easternmost and largest of the Fuji Five Lakes.

Being able to see Fuji-san on any given day is far from guaranteed but we got lucky and were treated to majestic views of its symmetrical snow-covered cone as we drove along the Shōnan coast past Enoshima (江の島). I made a short video of the journey below.

Mount Fuji (富士山) at sunset from Lake Yamanaka (山中湖)

People have often asked me why I’ve never climbed Mt. Fuji and the simple answer is it’s too popular. Hundreds of thousands of people ascend each year and so they end up in a long queue to reach the summit which doesn’t sound like much fun.

Music: Blu by Ryuichi Sakamoto
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