Misty Mountains

Our second day in Yangshuo greeted us with rain aplenty and for those who opted in (yours truly included) a chance to get soaked on a long morning bicycle trip along wide roads enjoying the surrounding vista (while trying not to fall off holding an umbrella in one hand!). The afternoon’s activity also included large volumes of water as we set to a river on bamboo style rafts. The locals were of course delighted to sell us raincoats!


With light rain still falling a mist surrounded the mountains creating quite a mysterious and strangely eerie atmosphere. That said my colleagues were not dampened by the weather and broke out into bouts of song along the way – I guess you could call it “team building“!


And so that just about concluded our trip and it was time for a quick dinner of extremely spicy noodles from a dubiously (un)clean looking restaurant before being packed into the bus for the bumpy ride home through the night. Yangshuo is a truly beautiful part of China however I recommend nobody go by bus if you’re travelling some distance to get there – your wallet will forgive you for taking a plane believe me.

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