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Mid-Autumn Holiday

National Holiday Trip Map

The mid-autumn national holidays are upon us in China with most people taking 8 days off work (but working weekends either end to compensate). I’m about to embark on a trip to explore some of China’s most beautiful smaller cities and villages around Shanghai in Jiangnan. In order I’ll be visiting:

Shanghai (1 night) -> Suzhou (1 day) -> Wuzhen (1 day) -> Hangzhou (3 days) -> Ningbo (1 day)

…before returning to Shenzhen late next week. Known at “the Venice of the east” with many beautiful canals and lakes I’m looking forward to exploring the area and hoping that it’s not as busy as everyone is telling me its going to be!

As ever I’ll be updating on Twitter where possible and have also lined up a few interesting posts while I’m away 🙂

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