Market Day

Last week was one of those annoyingly busy ones which keep seeming to reoccur these days. The weekend was no different. For almost the first time this year, it’s been pretty hot so it seemed most of London took to the streets and the few open green spaces.

On Saturday I took the tube over to Green Park and then had a leisurely walk from Her Majesty’s residence down to the riverside and all the way along to London Bridge. The crowds spoilt it a bit so I didn’t take many photos but I guess I was one of them so can’t complain!

Flower Market

Today (Sunday) I went for another walk around a few of London’s many street markets in the East End, namely Columbia Road Flower Market, Spitalfields and Brick Lane. Whilst I guess it was a cultural experience from what I could make out it was just a load of Cockneys/renegade Hippies selling either second-hand tat or organic produce grown in organic manure… (yum). There is something very sinister about organic food, mainly the snobbishness of it all I think!

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2 responses

  1. I agree, whilst it might be a nice idea it only serves the rich as just another fashionable fad.

  2. Organic food is the master of all snobbishness.
    That's why I don't usually care about it! 🙂


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