Larry Wachowski Speaks!!

“The matrix is an exploration of consciousness…”

The press-reclusive Wachowski brothers (directors of The Matrix trilogy for those who didn’t know) have never openly talked about their creation – that is up until now. Sort of. For the first time ever Larry Wachowski has given an informal taped interview to Ken Wilber (philosopher & author). For any serious matrix fan, this is a dream come true and is no doubt the beginning of the run-up to the release of the mega DVD box set due for release some time at the end of the year.

Here’s the official word:

“Not too long ago, Ken sat down with Cornel West (philosopher, author, and actor — RELOADED and REVOLUTIONS: Councilor West), and recorded over sixteen hours of audio commentary on all three films (which will be edited down to approximately six hours for the box set). This slightly shorter conversation between Larry and Ken (clocking in at just over 30 minutes) was recorded just days before the exhaustive 16 hour commentaries and is a relaxed yet intellectually rich dialogue between two intensely well spoken blokes. Don’t miss it.”

I’d definitely concur with the latter sentiments – for anyone who “didn’t get” the sequels to the trilogy, this goes a small, if not significant, way to explaining what was going on without handing it away on a plate. Of note, Larry speaks about not wanting to give his interpretation of the Matrix as this would only devalue everyone else’s opinion, whatever that may be.

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