Jogyesa Temple

Jogyesa is a small but important temple in the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism – located in the heart of Seoul it seems strangely out of place surrounded by high-rise offices but offers a quiet haven in the midst of the bustling city. On a rather overcast Thursday morning, I paid it a short visit…


Built in 1910 it is famous for its colourful paintings of the Buddha’s life and teachings as well as the 500-year-old white pine tree which stands proudly outside (purportedly brought over from China).


The temple is in active use and at the time I visited gentle chanting could be heard emanating from the main hall with many followers coming and going through the large lattice doors making for a different atmosphere to the temples found in the mountains.


Once a year in May the temple holds an impressive lotus lantern festival to mark Buddha’s birthday which would be well worth seeing if you’re in the vicinity at that time.

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    I was in Korea last year and bought a book at Jogyesa. I have lost the book, and am wondering if you can get me in touch with the book shop on sight, so I can buy another.

  2. You might be able to find a contact on their site –


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