Homeward Bound

Only one more lecture left till it’s time for me to head south for Christmas tomorrow. Students are migratory animals really with their defined patterns of movement around the country – Durham is always noticeably quieter when it’s ‘out of season’!

I’ll hopefully make a few small changes to the site over the holidays with some new cool features on the way assuming of course that the house doesn’t receive a direct lightning hit, a power failure or some sort of divine intervention which kills the server!

P.s. don’t forget to go see this.

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2 responses

  1. Oh wow, don't tell me you watched LOTR all in one go?!

  2. Dana avatar

    Even though the film lasted for more then 10 hours,I was determined to see it out yesterday.Let me try to represent film review:I want to watch it again!hahaha


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