One of my favourite shops, Muji (“no brand, good product”), which sells some seriously cool every-day type stuff has taken things one step further and designed a whole house!

Muji House

What they’ve produced is functional utilitarianism at its best: the value it’s contents are determined by their utility whilst retaining a certain sense of individuality which is often lacking in many minimalistic creations (in my humble opinion!).

Take a peek at the MUJI+INFILL project here, although be warned – your Japanese better be up to scratch! [Crude English translation] Find out more about the house on WorldChanging.

On the design side of things take a look at these ideas for 24 hour analog clocks – “because there are 24 house in the day”! Some interesting ideas about visualising time.

Snow Trees

Even in the harsh sub-zero weather conditions we’re having up North at the moment signs of spring are beginning to show themselves!


  1. jujsjt says:

    No one seems to see it…wouldn’t a one year old fall through the rail and die or at least get seriously hurt?

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