Emergency in Lychee Park

Today was my first day off work in a long while (excluding weekends). After a leisurely start to the day, I took the metro to Lychee Park, otherwise known as Shenzhen’s central park. The park was buzzing with people enjoying the pleasant autumn weather – mostly old people practising Tai chi and looking after their children’s children (as is the way in China).

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Grannie
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Granny”
Emergency Toilets
Emergency Everything

It seems the park was well equiped for all possible emergencies, the veritable menu of services included; Emergency Command, Emergency Water Supply, Emergency Fire “Ingufsher”, and last but not least an Emergency Toilet! Something tells me whoever was responsible for translating has had the last laugh 😀

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  1. that taiji shot is really solid

    1. Thanks – that was quite a while back now – a bit of a fluke shot but came out nicely.


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