Effectual Longevity


Maybe its just me but as an avid Matrix fan I’ve been amazed how, since the release of the sequels almost two years ago now, the visual effects used have still to be bettered by anyone else. First came Bullet Time photography in the origional film and then progressed into Virtual Cinematography for the aformentioned sequels both of which blew people away with their beautiful depiction of conventionally impossible slow-motion movements throught psychotic action scenes. A big part of me craves more of this sort of action but anything else seems to be just a poor imitation in comparrison! For some interesting acticles on the effects work see here and here.

Other cool stuff to waste a minute (or two):

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  1. true point about the visual effects still waiting for a film better than the matrix in that sense

  2. yeah, I can't get enough of the slow-motion action, for some reason I find it addictive!


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