Not such a good day today for a variety of reasons, I kind of feel like I’ve been hit in the face by a rather large vehicle right now. Perhaps my philosophical gene is working overtime at the moment – a good bash on the head with a heavy object would put it straight I’m sure! Aside from this the volume of work I have to complete by next term is also weighing heavily on my mind but I’m sure I’ll struggle through it somehow.

This said, my problems are nothing in comparison to how the families of the 100,000+ people who died in the Asian Quake and Tsunami earlier in the week must feel. I cannot begin to imagine what it must be like to be a part of this. It all goes to highlight the fragile nature of life which we should never take for granted – every day is precious. In a way it is ironic that the places which always seem to be worst afflicted by these events are the places which are least able to cope with them. Sometimes we don’t realise how lucky we are to live where we do.

Asian Flood
Image (c) 2004 DigitalGlobe

The above satellite photo shows the coastline of Kalutara, Sri Lanka moments before the tsunami hit. The swirling waves are highly evident – its must have been an awesomely deadly and terrifying sight to behold. According to geophysicists at NASA the quake may have been large enough to slightly alter the rate of the Earth’s rotation, shortening days by a fraction of a second. You can read an interesting article about it here.

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