A Wild Sheep Chase in Koenji

We’re nearing the end of Golden Week (黄金週間) in Japan – a cluster of national holidays which effectively give most people the week off work. Last weekend I returned to Koenji in western Tokyo to visit the annual ‘Bikkuri Daidogei‘, a street performance festival where a variety of acts can be seen around the neighbourhood.

Koenji Station Sheepman

If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure to freak your kids out…

A Wild Sheep Chase

But for all I know 12 ft tall monstrous sheep are the norm in Japanese family-friendly entertainment.

Authority & Comedy

Japanese clowns are just as scary as their western counterparts, if not more so.

Fire Drill

The local fire department rappelling down the side of Koenji Station with comatose dummies on their backs.

Masked Marauder
Koenji Performance

From what I can tell Japanese humour shares a love of making the audience squirm with embarrassment, somewhat similar to the British (see Fawlty Towers or The Office).

Violin & Concertina
Long Legged Ballerina

A deadpan long-legged ballerina.

Yukinko Akira ユキンコアキラ

Yukinko Akira is an artist/dj who paints and dances at the same time. See him in action in the short documentary below.

When it comes to ‘art’ is the act of creation or the material result more important?

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  1. Tomoaky Yaguchi avatar
    Tomoaky Yaguchi

    I am a one of volunteer staff in “Koenji Bikkuri Daidougei ” official comettee.
    I think your picture in this article is very cool.
    Especially the wild sheep in the Koenji station’s entrance is very well.
    So I will tell a friend of mine “Seseragi” (the wild sheep).
    Thany you!

    1. Hey Tomoaky – glad you liked it!
      All you volunteers did a great job 🙂


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