From August 2013

Tokyo Neighbourhoods – Kagurazaka

Since Tokyo is so spread out, one of the best way to explore its many interesting spots is by bicycle. On a recent two-wheeled jaunt around where I live in northern Shinjuku I came across Kagurazaka (神楽坂), one of the city’s oldest and lesser-known neighbourhoods near Iidabashi Station. Read more

Tokyo Shorts – Yanaka

After living in Tokyo for a short while you soon realise that it’s actually a conglomerate of many smaller cities linked together by the all-encompassing rail networks, each with their own unique feel. Read more

Kings Road Then & Now

King’s Road (英皇道) in Hong Kong is the major street which runs east-west along the northern shore of Hong Kong Island, extending all the way from Causeway Bay to Sai Wan Ho. If you visit HK you’ll likely end up travelling along the street at some point, whether it be by foot, bus or tram above ground or MTR underground. Read more

Quarry Bay Then & Now

During my two years in Hong Kong I lived on the east side of Hong Kong Island in an apartment complex called Kornhill which lies within Quarry Bay. It wasn’t until shortly before I left in March this year that I discovered the area has an interesting history and I decided to take a closer look… Read more