From May 2012

Thai New Year in Tai Po

Search for “Shek Kwu Lung Village” (石古壟) and you’ll find next to no information about this sleepy corner of Tai Po district (大埔區) in the New Territories of Hong Kong. Surprisingly though, the area houses a large Thai Buddhist temple, used predominantly by the Thai community living in and around the area. During Thai New Year in mid-April I paid a visit… Read more

Hong Kong Path 2

Continuing my theme of sharing a few of my daily snaps taken with Path on my iPhone, here’s another set covering the last couple of months.

Since nearly all my immediate family are using Path it’s become my favourite way to share a slice of my life in Hong Kong with them. Given they weren’t smartphone users till very recently I’ve been amazed how quickly they’ve taken to it. My dad in particular seemed surprised at how easy it was for him to learn how to use his iPhone and I imagine a big part of this also has to do with how beautifully well designed Path is.

Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade to Drupal 7

Fair warning if you’re only interested in travel related content you might want to turn off now – this is a heavily tech related article!

For those who work with Drupal, the open source content management system, a question of many people’s minds now is whether they should upgrade to Drupal 7 or stay on an earlier version (usually 6). This is an especially tricky decision for larger websites using Drupal since the upgrade process is often far from simple. If you’re interested in upgrading and looking for reasons to persuade decisions makers, below is a list of the top reasons I’ve come across to make the leap: Read more

The (Not So) Secret Truth About Outsourcing

Over the past seven years I have worked on a variety of outsourced software projects with people from the US, Europe, India & China which has led me to one rarely spoken but rather obvious truth: even in well-managed environments outsourcing doesn’t work very well and often leads to less-than-satisfactory outcomes. Read more

Hong Kong Moments VI

It’s that time again to look back at an assortment of shots I’ve grabbed throughout my daily life in Hong Kong over the past few months. Being the world’s most vertical city, its sheer density lends itself to an almost endless supply of places to discover where often the most mundane of circumstances lead to the most memorable sights. Read more

Ningxia Night Market

As any visitor to Taipei discovers, one of the cities main attractions are its many night markets. On my previous trip I covered some of the big ones – Shida, Shilin, and Ximending, but on a recent trip to Taiwan I paid a visit to one of the smaller and more traditional ones, namely Ningxia Night Market (寧夏夜市). Read more