From February 2011

Living in an Airport

Airports are usually places we pass through and rarely linger unless forced by delays or cancellations. They are designed to facilitate a logical flow of people through their many channels and layers of security as efficiently as possibly with the end goal of departure or arrival. As a certain Tom Hanks found out, when you end up living at one the situation is rather different. Read more

New Year, New Linen

As you have probably noticed Randomwire is sporting a brand new look today in what seems to have become a yearly occurrence. While I was quite happy with the previous design (from early 2010) I felt like I wanted something lighter and fresher. The theme is a customised version of Linen produced by the wonderful people at The Theme Foundry (where my past two previous themes also came from). Read more

The Essence of Zen at Daitoku-ji

After walking along the Path of Philosophy in the morning I took a bus to what turned out to be my favourite part of Kyoto that I visited during my trip. Daitoku-ji (大徳寺) is a temple complex which contains more than twenty sub-temples and some of the finest examples of Zen architecture and design in Japan, including gardens and tea ceremony rooms. Read more