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New Year, New Linen

As you have probably noticed Randomwire is sporting a brand new look today in what seems to have become a yearly occurrence. While I was quite happy with the previous design (from early 2010) I felt like I wanted something lighter and fresher. The theme is a customised version of Linen produced by the wonderful people at The Theme Foundry (where my past two previous themes also came from). Read more

Redesigning Randomwire

Today I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane and take a look at how the design of Randomwire has evolved over the years: Read more

New Year, New Look

I’ve been using the wonderful K2 WordPress theme by Michael Heilemann for over 3 years now (and before that its predecessor Kubrick) but it was starting to look a bit tired and frankly I was bored with it. I didn’t have time to design something from the ground up and having searched high and low for a suitable replacement I finally came across Vigilance by The Theme Foundry which combines minimal looks with powerful features. After creating a child theme to customise the CSS a bit you’re now looking at the finished product (although will be tweaking over the next few weeks).

randomwire.com old design 20090110
How things looked prior to Jan 9th 2009

The new theme is a bit wider than the previous (180 pixels) and looks a lot nicer on today’s widescreen displays whilst still working for those with lower resolutions. I’ve only tested it with Firefox and Safari so if it doesn’t look right for you in IE then I suggest you upgrade to one of these fine browsers!

Any feedback positive or otherwise would be greatly appreciated. That’s one of my new years resolutions complete 🙂