From December 2006

Are there not many cows in China?

…was the question a member of my family came out with at dinner on Boxing Day. Bearing in mind this person has eight degrees from arguably the best university in the world this was somewhat of a nonsensical question. No, they had not been drinking and it was not a joke. Perhaps you had to be there to appreciate the situation but it had everyone in hysterics that evening. I’ll leave you to imagine where on earth this question came from!

Home for Christmas

Other than that little interlude Christmas 06 was pretty good and a fun time was had by all. One of my best presents was the entire kit needed to grow your own chillies (of which I heavily consume!) so expect to see some progress updates on that next spring, with hopefully a plentiful crop 🙂

Into the Fog

The Fog

As anyone who’s every been in the UK will know we get some pretty strange and varied weather all year round, mainly due due to our geographic position at the confluence of around 7 weather systems from all over the world. This week thick fog has descended causing travel chaos across the UK but also adding an eerie beauty to familiar landscapes. Driving to my parents house tonight along unlit country lanes in the dark with about 5 meters of visibility was not much fun!

Don’t Look Down!

NASA Space Walk

WOW – That’s got to be a pretty amazing experience floating above the earth connected to the International Space Station by a small robotic arm!! Not for the faint hearted… I guess it’s one up from IMAX 😉 I find it sad that we hear very little about space exploration on the news these days, I mean it’s still no small feat what they’re doing and pretty exciting in my mind at least!

Nightmare on Oxford Street

I made the mistake on Saturday of going to Oxford Street where on the run-up to Christmas there were a good few million people all trying to do the same thing. Not to be repeated in a hurry!


Crispy Duck

Around dusk I wandered through China Town which was also pretty busy. I love looking in the neon lit restaurant windows there with racks of dripping ducks and strange tentacled creatures – I guess it would be a bit of a vegetarians nightmare!!

With an excess of holiday days to use up I luckily have only three work days left this year after which I’ll be free till the beginning of January. 2006 has been pretty busy and exhausting work-wise but I guess no pain, no gain! 🙂


FooBar Poster

This ingenious poster caught my eye on TechCrunch today – sort of Sim City meets Web 2.0! Just how many companies have they managed to cram in there?! If you’re so inclined you can buy it here.

Not much to report from last week other than it was busy and involved an encounter with some rather vulgar muppets.