From November 2005

Web 2.0 Anyone?

Web 2.0
The Colors of Web2.0

What do the above all have in common? They’re all part of a wave of new synergistic web based applications which are changing the way we interact with the world wide web as we currently know it. The Internet is rapidly evolving from disparate pools of unstructured information to larger hyperconnected, community driven information oceans.

Already there is a lot of debate over what exactly Web 2.0 is, and indeed whether it means anything? It’s early days yet but personally I’m pretty excited at the way things are progressing. The net as it is emerging is all very reminiscent of visionary future portrayed in Masamune Shirow’s “Ghost in the Shell” – where this will go who knows… The Matrix has you!

Tube Lung

I’ve decided to invent a new condition to here fore be known as “Tube Lung” and diagnose myself with it. This commonly effects those people who are forced to ride the underground for 30 minutes or more every day, breathing in the air every other member of the unwashed masses have just breathed out! Seasoned travelers will eventually build up a natural immunisation against it but still suffer from what might be mistaken for a smokers cough but is in fact Tube Lung. The only known cure for this is to stop using the tube but for most this is not an option. It affects the young and old regardless of age and may be fatal in conjunction with other respiratory disorders!

Do you suffer from Tube Lung or know others who have been struck down in the prime of their lives by this potentially debilitating disorder? If so join my class action law suit…

Someone’s got the right idea!

Joking apart, I’m convinced breathing in the air underground is about a healthy as sticking your face in front of an exhaust pipe at times 🙂 One day, far far away, we will have trains with filtered air conditioning, until that time just pray that SARS or Bird Flu don’t get you first!

So aside from being asphyxiated in London what have I been up to? Aside from work not much I’m afraid. Ironic that now I have all the wonders of London on my doorstop that I don’t have enough time to enjoy them!

Time Flies

Well I meant to post last Sunday but I blinked and suddenly it’s Thursday… role on Friday! The previous Saturday was of course Guy Fawkes Night in the UK and I went to see and excellent display in Ravenscourt Park which greatly outshone last years valiant efforts in Durham. I would have taken some photos figured in the end that it would be more fun to watch them than to squint through the viewfinder!

Modern Architecture

On a completely unrelated note check out this great Japanese blog which showcases modern/contemporary architecture around the world. Some really interesting designs here, some good, some not so good. Knowledge of Japanese not required! [via A Daily Dose]

And for the really bored (or exceptionally curious)… Ever wondered what’s beneath your feet when you’re walking around? If so take a peek at London Topological and New York Underground for a wander into the murky underworld of our streets!