From December 2003

Monkey Business

Not much to report really this New Years Eve aside from the php bittorrent front end is going very well. It now supports multiple simultaneous downloads and proper output handling. Should hopefully implement a load more functions for status checking over the next couple of days!

Found a cool little site yesterday, take a look at (excuse the poor joke!). This one isn’t for those with poor eyesight but is a very good demonstration of the principle of space saving ^_^

Coincidentally 2004 is the year of the monkey.

Torrent Station

As if I didn’t have enough to do I’ve just started a new little project to build a php based front end to BitTorrent so it can be remotely controlled via a web browser. I only started on it yesterday but already have a working prototype that currently only supports one download at a time but hopefully will support more soon.

In other news… The release of “A Sniffy Sort of Christmas – Volume ’03” has been heralded a huge success already selling over 300% more copies than Vol. ’02!

Seasonal Joys

As usual Christmas is over before you even feel it’s started (for me anyhow), but it has been pretty good with the food being the highlight as ever! Already I noticed preparations are underway for New Year but some people have already taken it way too far :confused:

Hopefully the people round here won’t keep up their dreadful Christmas lights for much longer – when I happened across a two meter high Winnie The Pooh dressed as Father Christmas down the road the other day I really felt that values of taste and decency were dead and perhaps its time to move house!


Christmas eve is here already but unfortunately the same cannot be said for Amazon who still have yet to deliver all the stuff I ordered on Dec 8 for people’s presents – there’s a small chance it might arrive today but I’m not counting on it! For me one of the most important aspects of this season is the food and that’s still on the table if my mum has anything to do with it 🙂 Tonight hopefully we’ll be in for a mega game of Monopoly with all the family but unfortunately certain members do try to curtail the game after a few hours – not this year though if I have anything to do with it.

All that’s left to say is have a very merry Christmas!


Reinstalled the Norwich server yesterday afternoon with a fresh copy of Slackware 9.1 and have just posted my refined Kernel 2.6.0 Compile Guide. All seems to be working pretty well so far – the web page for the Norwich server will be available at eventually but won’t be anything special!

Future Outlook

With the New Year fast approaching I thought I’d share a few of my plans for developing the site over the next few months – First off I plan a major server overhaul some time in January to upgrade to Slackware 9.1 (Kernel 2.6) and add a new big HD (250 GB min!). This should make things faster and better organised as well as sorting out a few minor problems. Hopefully by then I’ll have a digital camera as well and I’ll be updating the gallery with new stuff as often as I have time. I’m also planning on documenting my installation procedure so anyone can get a perfect slack desktop/server running with minimum fuss!

The fate of the Norwich server is still undecided but it will defiantly still be around in some form or other, just not necessarily serving web pages to the wider public!

Rotten Apple

Had a bit of trouble with my PowerBook over the last couple of days after the installation of the Mac OS X 10.3.2 system update patch hung half way through and left me with an unbootable system. The only trouble is my installation CD’s are about 250 miles away up North so I’ve been forced to re-download them again! Unfortunately this hasn’t left any time to compile the new kernel 🙁 Proper update coming soon.

2.6.0 Kernel!

As just reported on Slashdot the Linux 2.6 Kernel is finally here! This marks a pretty big milestone for Linux as a whole – it’s really the first industrial strength version to compete against the big Unixies like Solaris and Aix head on!

With full 64-bit support for the newer Opteron processors, full G5 support for the new PowerMacs, access to files that are up to 2 terabytes in size on 64 bit platforms and support for up to 32-64 processors this is certainly a neat bit of code!! For a desktop system it brings real time support with low latencies, improved USB and Firewire device support, better I/O and less race conditions during heavy disk use. It just feels a lot faster and performs much better.

It’s a big upgrade with mostly new server oriented features but it should be a nicer desktop OS and it can perform a lot better under heavy loads. But remember do not install it if you do not have a real up to date distro! Module tools have been upgraded and are incompatible with older versions. You can wreck your system if your not careful!

Check out for a good guide on how to upgrade your system and here for more in-depth info.

Homeward Bound

Only one more lecture left till its time for me to head south for Christmas tomorrow. Students are migratory animals really with their defined patterns of movement around the country – Durham is always noticeably quieter when its ‘out of season’!

I’ll hopefully making a few small changes to the site over the holidays with some new cool features on the way assuming of course that the house doesn’t receive a direct lightning hit, a power failure or some sort divine intervention which kills the server!

P.s. don’t forget to go see this.