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Last year I talked about using Tor to bypass the internet censorship in China but the problem is that it’s painfully slow, almost to the point of being unusable. There are other options such as anonymous proxy servers (again slow) and corporate private networks but for most individuals these are not an option and fiddly to configure.

I have however discovered another alternative which provides both security, stability and speed – it’s not free but certainly isn’t expensive either. Enter Witopia personalVPN – costing $59.99 per year this basically creates an encrypted tunnel out to Witopia’s secure internet gateway giving you unlimited access to the internet without any blocks or restrictions. Set up is simply a matter of installing a simple piece of software which is sent to you pre-configured by email (there are clients for Windows, Mac & Linux).

Establishing a connection takes a matter of seconds and then you’re good to go. No messing around with any computer or internet settings as you would with the other solutions. What makes this even better is that the speed is fast, in fact I’d swear its faster surfing international sites using the VPN connection than without it normally making me extremely happy!

This of course will work world-wide once you’ve subscribed and can be useful in other situations where you want to ensure your connection is secure. Although I’ve only been using it a short while I’d thoroughly recommend it, especially if you’re in China.

N.b. as a side note if you use Mac OS X I’d recommend using the Viscosity OpenVPN client, rather than the included Tunnelblick application as it has a much better interface. It will import the connection settings automatically the first time you run it.

Update: for those in China blocked by the great firewall you might also like my guide to the various other ways of bypassing it.

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  1. Witopia VPN even the $69 one great for China until a week ago. all are completely busted as far as I hear. any patches out there?

    1. Try the Witopia soloution and you will have no problem. I am a subscriber and they sent it to me and it works beautifully! Subscribe and they’ll send it to you, too!

  2. Witopia now blocked and unusable in China. If there you discover any other decent vpn services….please do not publish them.

    1. I used Witop this past year and am considering using Astrill this coming year. I liked Witop pretty well, but let my subscription run out….and now the site is blocked! So I was looking into others, and did a 7-day free trial of Astrill—-equally fast (or faster? no need to wait for connecting up to the server), comparable pricing, and certainly far easier to install. Might as well try it out.

  3. Right, Witopia totally blocked in China since late 2010, just a few weeks after I paid for it. Anyone know of an email address to contact Witopia to ask for a refund? Since their website is blocked in China, cannot go to their support and contact pages from here….

  4. On Saturday January 14th Witopia made major changes in their system. I was unable to use the system for three days. Their online chat support service is worthless. They finally told me after three days that I needed to download new software. There was no notice of this or anything or their website to that affect. I have downloaded their new client software and made my connection to their gateways. HOWEVER the connection constantly disconnects leaving me exposed on the internet AND IT DOES NOT NOTIFY ME OF THE DISCONNECT AS THE SYSTEM USED TO. Their service has gone to hell in a matter of days and it appears there is no relief in site. I highly recommend that anyone stay away from Wipotia until they have demonstrated that they have improved the service and customer support. Chuck

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