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Day 34: Downhill Stretch

After all the ups and downs of yesterday, I slept like a stone statue last night. Luckily today was a mostly downhill affair with some of the finest weather to date (21°C with a slight breeze). Read more

Day 8: Kamo-michi Trail

Yesterday after posting my last entry something very fortuitous happened; at around 8.30pm a woman called Masako turned up at Hosenji and asked for me by name! Read more

Yatsugatake Camping

After my successful initial camping trip to Mount Daibosatsu I felt confident enough to try something a little more ambitious so got working on a plan for a multi-day hike/camp to Yatsugatake (八ヶ岳), a volcanic mountain range on the border between Nagano and Yamanashi prefectures. Read more

Mt. Daibosatsu Camping

Quite by accident, summer 2015 turned into a series of camping trips, starting with my brief overnight stay at Freemont Peak where I caught the bug for it. After returning to Tokyo I resolved to undertake a multi-day adventure and started researching my options and the equipment I’d need. Read more

Tai Wai to Tai Mei Tuk Cycle Trail

I’ve not been able to get out nearly as much as I would like to have in the last couple of weeks, however I did have a chance to go cycling in the New Territories of Hong Kong recently along a popular trail which goes from Tai Wai (大圍) to Tai Mei Tuk (大美督), a paved 20-kilometre path that provides some stunning harbour front views and passes by temples and parks. Read more

Lantau Island Hike

Despite being one of the most built-up and dense cities in the world Hong Kong provides some of the best hiking to be found so close to a large urban center. Within half an hour you can be away from the skyscrapers and climbing rolling mountains or walking along pristine coastlines. Read more

Dragon’s Back Trail

As in may parts of the world May 1st is a national holiday in China. I’ve learnt from bitter experience that during holidays in China it’s best to avoid popular locations since you’re more likely to be greeted by hordes of people rather than beautiful views… Read more