Signal Patterns

Many years ago when I was at school we were made to take fairly crude psychometric tests (I think one was Myers-Briggs) in order to supposedly help us find what career we might like and understand our personality traits. I never found them particularly helpful and have always thought of the field as rather lacking in credibility.

I also usually disdain online quizzes so it was with an air of dubiousness that I tried out Signal Patterns Personality Patterns survey which aims to help “people develop a deeper understanding of their personality and preferences. By fostering self-discovery and expression, Signal Patterns gives people new ways to make powerful connections to the world around them.” They claim to have some solid research underpinning the way in which it can infer connections between personality, behaviour and preferences so I took the test, taking about 10 minutes to complete, by asking how much you feel a set of statements are like you.

At the end, it outputs an interactive chart (mine above) which you can then use to examine your traits in more detail. Apparently, I’m Independent, Private, and Conscientious which is surprisingly accurate and in general, seems to have done a good job of profiling me. You can also take this one step further by linking the results to your Facebook profile to facilitate comparison between friends and finding “people like you”. I’ve not tried it myself yet but could be interesting. At the very least it’s a cool way of visualising your personality!

P.s. I have invites if anyone wants them – just leave a comment below.

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  1. David says:

    Shortly after I first registered an option appeared on the hope page to “invite friends to sign-up”. I'm not sure if this is a random thing or everyone get it.

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