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Makible 3D Printers

Last week I visited the offices of Makible – an interesting hardware startup based in Hong Kong developing affordable 3D printers for people to design and build their own products or prototypes. 3D printing works by laying down successive layers of extruded plastic in a series of cross sections generated by a CAD model until the final shape is created.

The technology has been around in manufacturing since the late 1980’s but it’s only been in recent years that it has become accessible to individuals through projects like the OpenSource RepRap which formed the basis of the original MakerBot and Makible’s upcoming MakiBox A6 (they really need to differentiate the names better!).

The MakiBox A6’s biggest selling point seems to be its price, which at around $300 is considerably cheaper than its competitors.

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  1. The only way we’re ever going to have an affordable printer is if the people at http://formlabs.com/support/printers/form-1/unpacking/ decide to release one. I don’t think it’s happening anytime soon though. Apple pulled out of the market and so did Amazon. I think the commercial side will continue to thrive but the consumer side still needs to improve a lot. The good news is it will 🙂

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